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may 7th, 2024

After several hardware failures on mulitple servers, have managed to finally replace them with a new server. Am currently gaming online using A&A 1942 Online. Hope to see you there. There is also a Discord server with the same name.

march 9th, 2005

wow, this year is flying by!!  ive been hanging out at larry harris' message board lately as we eagerly await information on the next of his series of axis & allies.  also, COTE, another harris designs game is due out in may of 2005...ive adjusted some of the links in the links section, and added some...this year i hope to add new pictures, some of the maps shown have enhanced so id like to share that, plus ive tons more pictures of painted units which ive been adjusting, perhaps youve noticed the "under construction" zones, my goal this year is to eliminate those !!

game on!!


december 17th, 2004

Happy holidays all...!!!   been busy on a huge project map, a full DMA6 !!  massive 53" x 112"  !!  so sexy

be sure and support all the axis & allies message boards, take some time to read about a potential advanced axis & allies type game from larry harris, check out his message board for details...

september 7th, 2004

Black Elk from the avalon hill message board, shares his reworked victory cards!! 

Cousin_Joe from the avalon hill message board also includes his axis & allies: enhanced v1.2 rules!!

Con-Quest was good times this year as well, good gaming all!!

june 30th, 2004

Maestro updates Gotterdammerung.  we have been gaming aa: d-day as well as revised lately, good stuff...!!  Larry Harris, the creator of axis and allies now has his own message board!!  be sure and visit for some great inside scoop from Mr. Harris as well as other gaming ideas / conversations...

may 25th, 2004

always, many thanks to Maestro from the AH message board for sending in his A&A:E WWII version, Axis & Allies: Gotterdammerung for everyone to share...!!

may 11th, 2004

updated "links" section

may 6th, 2004

added the ROGUE COMMANDER optional rules manual, strait from avalon hill's message board members...this unofficial manual provides some neat ideas for varied game play...included are notes from both the creator of axis and allies, mr harris, as well as a great intro from the lead developer (mike selinker) of the AH team who brought us all two completely new games!!  bravo!!

may 1st, 2004 has been added to the official WOTC/Avalon Hill websites links section, a very honored elbowmaster, thats for sure...thanks to you for those who made it happen!!

april 30th, 2004

minor touch ups on home page and links sections.

april 11th, 2004

added avalon hill: revised link to main page.

march 23rd, 2004

celebrating 3 years, 15,000+ visits..!!  thank you for visiting!!   this year's site plans are for expanding and hopefully revamping somewhat the home page.  more painted figure photos, as well as new pictures of both the old and new.  i will be adding the new revised map into the main body of the home page as well.  this year will also add a visitors email section.  many great ideas and comments / requests for special picture shots of maps, are emailed to me.  i thought it would be nice to share them.  game on !!

added updated revised pictures of the second map.

march 10th, 2004

thanks to Maestro from the AH message board for sending in his A&A:E WWI version The Great War for everyone to share...!!

updated favorite axis & allies links...

looks like the boards are hot these days with the new revised game, be sure and check them out...

march 7th, 2004

long time no see folks...!!  well we all know by now A&A:Revised is out...but check this out !!     Revised    don't miss out on the great forums at Avalon Hill  and Don Rae's

september 7th, 2003

well its been awhile fellow gamers!!  i would like to announce a new axis and allies europe version.  it combines butler's ideas with der panzinator's advanced board.  here is a small preview.  link and link  look closely at the changes, i am hoping its a step to repairing the original AH version.

my convention time hasn't existed really this summer.  wasn't able to make any of them  :(

april 20th, 2003

celebrating 10,000 site hits!! 

joined membership to the international list of scale model related web sites.  an excellent reference site for hobbyists of all flavors.  enjoy!

march 23rd, 2003

thank you to all the visitors, two year anniversary!! wow over 9500 hits!!

new map size available - traditional axis & allies, 28 inches X 53 / due to out of stock DMA3 and harder to find DMA6, i have been experimenting using the DMA1 / so far it looks like it will work well even so much to lower the price of that map to $90 USD.  stay tuned, pictures will be posted soon. i have had to adjust some borders, but each generation of maps become cleaner.  the new map will be a feature at KUBLACON this end of may.  the original DMA3 map (traditional A&A) is out of stock for now.

i have just purchased some original matchbox figures 1/76 scale, stay tuned for postings.

march 8th, 2003

added image of axis & allies by australian jedko games, very rare original having a different box than nova's version. it uses the nova rule set, map, jedco game parts price list sheet, and also includes a  sexy catalog request form for military solutions in moorabbin, australia.  the really nice thing about this set is the different artwork on the cover. On the bottom of the box, it contain images and description of the game.  the well known nova box didn't have a description on the bottom of the game box.  thanks to fellow gamer felix for the axis & allies version that is now proudly displayed on my game shelf.

added image of world war II expansion 3 for axis and allies by gamers paradise.  a version that focuses on the pacific war theater side to the game.

added link to "toy soldiers review" / being a collector of 1/72 scale military units, i thought it would add to the flavor of this site, links some resource pages or just a simple, 'how to burn an hour of time at work,' area to the site.


february 22nd, 2003

added the "what's new" page.